“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." -Benjamin Franklin

“The tool-agnostic approach is so much different from what I am used to. This really adds value.”

L.A., Echo Course Graduate

“The tools we learned and applied to real-world business problems are so helpful, and to do so with methodology makes all the difference.”

I.N., Echo Course Graduate

“I loved learning all of the SM tools, their capabilities, and their uses. I can use any tool now as part of the D2M methodology.”

F.T., Echo Course Graduate

“All of the tools we learned applied to the final exercise, which we chose for ourselves. Real-life practical exercises were effective.”

W.B., Echo Course Graduate

“Our instructors were great - they teach on the level and in a way that makes it easy to learn and remember.”

B.T., Echo Course Graduate

“The instructors were clearly chosen because of their vast knowledge and experience. That makes a big difference to me.”

R.J., Echo Course Graduate

“The instructors were clearly chosen because of their vast knowledge and experience. That makes a big difference to me.”

S.B., Echo Course Graduate

“I really value learning effective open-source research from social and seeing the difference between that and our traditional business intelligence. Big difference!”

C.O., Echo Course Graduate

“I learned skills that tie in perfectly with what I do at my job - finding influencers and key communicators brings my company closer to our customers.”

E.H., Echo Course Graduate

“Just packing up in Rio de Janeiro where I worked the security detail of a foreign sports team. The use of D2M to gain operational information was a great success. In September, I am off to South Sudan and can't wait to use D2M again!”

Paul L., Echo Course Graduate

Companies sending their employees to Echo courses

U.S. Army
United States Marine Corps
Louisiana State University

Who should attend our courses

  • OSINT Analysts

  • Social Media Analysts

  • Fact Checkers

  • Intelligence Professionals

  • Law Enforcement Professionals

  • Journalists

  • Research Professionals

  • Headhunters/Recruiters

Buddy Jericho

Lead Instructor

Harry ‘Buddy’ Jericho is the President of Echo Analytics Group and a Senior Instructor. Buddy founded the Discover, Develop, and Monitor (D2M) method for conducting Open Souce Intelligence Analysis (OSINT). Buddy has developed over 20 courses for intelligence professionals and has trained over 2500 security and intelligence professionals since founding Echo Analytics Group in 2014. Buddy is a certified intelligence officer with 20 years’ experience supporting national intelligence agencies and the US Special Operations Command. Buddy has deployed as an intelligence officer on over a dozen different deployments during the wars in Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Buddy also worked as an intelligence officer at the Defense Intelligence Agency and the National Military Joint Intelligence Center, where he briefed Senior Defense Officials on human intelligence operations. Buddy's real passion is helping to prepare today's warfighter and intelligence professional for tomorrows fight; just ask anyone who has taken one of his courses.

Introductory Pricing Ends

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Frequently asked questions

  • How long has Echo Analytics Group been teaching OSINT?

    We taught our first OSINT course in April 2013. Since then, we have delivered over 75 in-person courses and trained over 2000 professionals.

  • Who will recognize the certificate I receive for completing an Echo Course?

    While a certification from our course is recognized by select universities, government agencies, the military, and numerous Fortune 100 companies, we hope to provide you much more than a certificate. We are committed to your success and look forward to helping you succeed. The need for trained OSINT analysts continue to skyrocket and we enjoy connecting hard-working graduates with employers.

  • What if I am not 100% satisfied with the course?

    As long as you let us know before you print your certificate, we will happily refund your money. No questions asked. In the case you are taking a course that does not offer a certificate, we do not issue refunds so please make sure this is the right course for you before paying.

  • What makes this course different from other OSINT courses?

    Our instructors have practical experience using OSINT and our courses are designed to teach you sound methods for conducting OSINT research and analysis. While we understand and appreciate the value of social media analytics tools, our courses are focused on helping you conduct OSINT analysis using sound practices, regardless of the tool of the week.

  • What if I have a question during the course, is there someone available to help me?

    Absolutely! Our cadre is available via e-mail, chat, and phone. If you have an issue and it is outside of normal business hours, please send us an e-mail. We will respond as quickly as possible. If you have enrolled in OSINT 2 or OSINT 3, you will also be able to ask your questions during the weekly webinar Q&A session.

  • How many courses does Echo offer?

    We currently offer three courses online. We offer 16 courses in-person and provide those courses several times a year. Our plan is to continue making our in-person courses available online when possible.

  • How many hours of webinar time do I get with the instructors?

    For the OSINT 2 course, you will get up to five hours of webinars both individually and in groups. For OSINT 3, you get up to 10 hours of webinars both individually and in groups.

  • I am just taking the non-certifying OSINT course, if I don't have webinar hours how do I communicate with the instructor if I have a question?

    All students, regardless of which course they are enrolled, can contact the instructors anytime via e-mail. During normal business hours, and when available, students can also contact the instructors via chat.

  • What is the Echo Student to Teacher Program?

    We have spent a lot of time perfecting our process for developing online courses and we realize that OSINT is a large field and growing and the applications for OSINT are nearly endless. For students that successfully complete one of our level 2 or level 3 courses, we offer them the ability to build their own OSINT course after we train them on our methods and processes for online course development. Depending on the course topic and length, Echo will compensate graduates for building these courses. For more information about this program, contact Buddy Jericho at bjericho@echoanalyticsgroup.com.